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Experience   /   August 12, 2020

"Open Haus" - Masskrugstemmen


The "Open Haus" series explains some of the unique sights, sounds, and tastes that will make every day at Hofbräuhaus Buffalo an authentic German experience.


Receiving a freshly poured pint of Hofbräuhaus beer is a cause for celebration. Raise it up, cheers the person beside you, and drink! Right?

On any given night in the Beer Hall you may notice a group of people who’ve raised their steins but seem to have forgotten that all-important final step of taking a drink. Don’t worry, they (probably) aren’t confused, they are competing in a “Masskrugstemmen.”


A Bavarian tradition, “Masskrugstemmen” is a test of endurance in which contestants hold a full 1 liter stein at arm’s length for as long as possible. The last stein remaining held straight out, parallel to the ground, and with a locked elbow belongs to the winner.


The U.S. Steinholding Association holds a national "Masskrugstemmen" competition

Holding a 5.5 pound stein in this specific way for 3 or 4 minutes is an impressive feat, but some veterans claim that resisting the temptation to take a drink is what actually separates champions from challengers.

Haus-wide “Masskrugstemmen” contests will be a staple of weekend nights at Hofbräuhaus Buffalo, open to anyone and everyone who would like a shot at glory.


Important Note: 1-on-1 "Masskrugstemmen" matches are the official avenue for settling personal disputes at Hofbräuhaus Buffalo.


Check out US Steinholding Association's official website


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